Tent Schools Empower Kids in Mongolia

Gurvansaikhan Mountains Ger
How would you like to attend class in a Mongolian tent (a.k.a. ger)?  For most of us it sounds like an exotic adventure, but for some lucky kids in Mongolia, it’s a very practical solution to the problem of connecting their traditional way of life to the modern education system.

Thanks to a grant from the Global Partnership for Education, 100 mobile ger schools have allowed nomad children to preserve their unique way of life and get a modern education. These tent schools move with the families, who have a set pattern of pastures which they move to seasonally, based on the needs of the livestock – horses, yaks, sheep, goats and camels.

Nomads live very self-sufficient lives, with the animals providing much of what the people need to maintain their traditional lifestyle. So, it’s very important for the school system to adapt to the nomad way of life.  This allows the children to get an education without leaving their families for faraway boarding schools, and also allows them to learn the skills they need to continue nomad life.

Global Partnership for Education has also provided funds for teacher training in Mongolia.

Click the video below to get a peek at the ger way of life.

Creative Commons Love:  m d d on flickr.com.

Written by Deb Myers