Engage Your Students with Science – Tip Three: Tools, Tools, Tools!

Biology 253 Lab

Science tools are essential in any scientific investigation. Without the proper equipment, both in the field and in the laboratory, scientists would have a hard time conducting successful investigations. Laboratory equipment and field equipment help scientists observe, collect, measure, and gather data during an investigation, as well as analyze and interpret it. Scientific tools are utter important in assuring the rigor and accuracy needed in the scientific work.

To learn science successfully, students need to understand how real science is made and how real scientists work. This is why students must learn how to use the proper tools in their classroom investigations. Furthermore, using science tools helps keep students focused on and involved in what they’re investigating by making them feel like real scientists conducting real scientific work.

To teach your class about the importance of science tools, you can start by having a lesson about science equipment. Introduce your students to the basic tools from your school’s laboratory, and explain how they work. Then, with the help of the class, assemble a classroom kit that includes those tools that your students will use the most throughout the year. If you have enough supplies, divide the class in small groups, and have each group assemble a science kit.This kit then becomes that group’s responsibility. The group will use it every time the class engages in science activities throughout the year, so the group members will have to take care of it.

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Written by Catarina Loureiro