Future Olympic Hopefuls Find Education Online

Olympic RingsYoung athletes all over the United States are excited and eager for the 2012 Summer Olympics to begin. Watching the sporting events on television, their hearts will fill with dreams of one day making it to the Olympics themselves. But with crazy, hectic practice schedules that young athletes face, how are they able to complete their K-12 education?

The answer: virtual public schools.

Virtual public schools, such as Connections Academy, allow students the freedom to learn anywhere, making it easy when they are on the road for competitions. The popularity of virtual schools is growing, too, both for parents of athletes and those who prefer non-traditional classroom settings. Most states allow virtual school enrollment, but in states where they are not open, private virtual school opportunities are available.

Currently there are 250,000 U.S. students in K-12 who are going through the online public school system. The numbers that enroll in public virtual schools get bigger every year, and in the past several years, educators have seen at least a 10% growth rate.

Olympic hopefuls are now able to stay in the game when it comes to balancing education and sports. That’s a winning combination for everyone.

Creative Commons Love: 2014lovesocial on Flickr.com

Written by Jana Melpolder