Our volunteers are constantly working to make resources that empower educators anywhere and everywhere. If you have a knack for writing, editing, lesson planning, graphic design, or internet wizardy, we’d love to have you join us.

Contact us if your passion can help:

Write Books

The Anywhere Library is looking for knowledgeable and committed writers to submit manuscripts for original children’s books and educator guides.

Write Lesson Plans

Everyone who’s been in front of a classroom can help here! We want Teachbuzz to grow, and we bet you do to. Click the link, log in, and start sharing your brilliance with the world!

Make Us Pretty

Everyone, even teachers and students living on a dollar a day, deserves professional looking, beautiful resources to make teaching and learning more engaging. Design posters, layout books, spiff up our website, or give us advice we don’t know we need.

Expand Our Presence

Mobile app development, web based applications for educators, or just helping us fight hackers. If you’ve got the mojo, we’ve got the (volunteer) job for you!