Below you will find resources that you will help your non-profit (education or otherwise) run more smoothly. Have some more to share? Let us know! – If you haven’t been to idealist yet, go now! The perfect place to post jobs, learn about non-profit work, and get volunteers!

Form1023Help – A really great resource for anyone filling out form 1023 (to get tax exempt status in the US).

Filing to Solicit – Most states in the US require you to register before soliciting donations. This site helps you file in multiple states at once!

Law for Change – legal resources for American organizations.

Legal Framework for Earned Income – A report on the legal issues surrounding Non-Profits earning income in the US.

CompassPoint – General support for Non-Profit Leadership

PRISM –  a 25-point checklist designed to focus attention on the five key areas that are characteristic of successful development programs or projects.

Knowhow NonProfit  – General Resource for anyone trying to get started.

Get Inspired! – 10 TED talks for Entrepreneurs.

Grant Search from Bank of America – A useful way to search for funding sources.

Donorwiki – Just what it sounds like, a collaborative online resource of grants and donors.

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