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High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina Demand Their Rights

More than 200 BiH high school students gathered at the major city square in the capital of Sarajevo demanding their rights. With duct tape placed over their mouths, they symbolically expressed their powerlessness when it comes ...
by Aldina Dzebo


BiH High School Students Offer Solutions to the Problems in Their Local Community

Federal Ministry of Education and Science of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the local association “Infohouse” organized 6th annual “Volunteer-Finance” fair in order to present the results of last year’s Social day. Social...
by Aldina Dzebo


Plans for ‘One BiH, One Book’ Project Undergoing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The United States Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has recently revealed its plans for the realization of ‘One BiH, One Book‘ project. Project is to be realized in cooperation with the publishing house “Sa...
by Aldina Dzebo



Online Trade of College Papers Booming in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Slogans such as, “Our knowledge in service of your success,” or “Free up your time for other activities and let us create your work,” advertise a booming business that is taking over BiH and the region. Over the past fe...
by Aldina Dzebo


External Evaluations to Replace High School Entrance Exams for BiH Students

The end of the 2012-2013 school year in June will introduce the first generation of students in Bosnia and Herzegovina who will be externally evaluated for knowledge acquisition during their years in junior high school. Externa...
by Aldina Dzebo


Software Developers Among Most Wanted in BiH

Following the global market and industry trends, the information and communication technology sector is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the latest research, some of the mos...
by Aldina Dzebo



Regional Ministerial Round Table on Science, Technology, and Innovation Held in Sarajevo

Ministers of science from several countries in Southeastern Europe met in Sarajevo for the round table on science, technology, and innovation. The meeting was organized by the Ministry of civil affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovin...
by Aldina Dzebo


Sarajevo School of Science and Technology Hosts First Google Bootcamp in BiH

The Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST) hosted the first ever Google Bootcamp Workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The workshop was organized in cooperation with Google Startup Weekend  and with support from Google...
by Aldina Dzebo


Fix My School Project Launched in BiH

The Association U.S. Alumni in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the citizens’ association ZASTO NE launched the Fix My School website with the aim of giving  primary, middle school, and high school students an opportunity to publ...
by Aldina Dzebo