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School Year Begins with Internet for 96% of Costa Rican Schools

The school year began for Costa Rican children on February 10th. This year internet connection has been provided to 96% of the country’s schools. To achieve this, the Ministry of Public Education  partnered with internet...
by Amanda Lubit


Photograhy Helps Guatemalan Children Fight Poverty and Gang Violence

For the past twenty-two years, the Fotokids project has taught photography and creative expression skills to  hundreds of children from the poorest neighborhoods of Guatemala. The program gives each student a camera and then t...
by Amanda Lubit


Teaching Humanitarian Values to Combat Gang Influence in Central America

Each year, approximately 3.6 million children in Central America drop out of school or are forced to repeat a grade. Widespread gang violence in the region significantly contributes to this statistic.  For this reason, govern...
by Amanda Lubit



Presidential Candidate Proposes Elimination of Test Requirement in Costa Rica

The Presidential candidate of Costa Rica’s National Liberation Party, Johnny Araya, has written a controversial plan that would eliminate the bachillerato test requirement for high school students who do not plan on pursuing ...
by Nina Thurau


Schools Resume Classes in Colon and Capira, Panama

When schools were re-opened in the districts of Colon and Capira in Panama on Thursday, November 28, the Ministry of Education, MEDUCA, announced that children will resume classes with or without school uniforms. The Ministry a...
by Mantra Roy


How to Help the “Ni-Ni Generation” of Latin American and Caribbean Youth

According to a recent joint report presented by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA),  young people between the ages of 15 and 29 account for 26% of...
by Lauren Riggs



In Guatemala, Violent Student Protests Rock Local Schools

In Guatemala City, protesting students have taken over their schools for the past several weeks. Outside Aplicacion Belem Normal School, students could be seen protesting and confronting the riot police. The protest started mor...
by Sera Yoo


The Sustainable Development Generation: Rio+20 Conference Calls Youth to Action Worldwide

Despite some sense of disillusionment amongst global media outlets regarding the difficulty of implementing tangible results from the recent United Nations Conference On Sustainable Development in Brazil (Rio+20), stakeholders...
by Lauren Riggs


Read This! More Books Needed in Africa and Costa Rica

Books For Africa, a non-profit that donates used books from libraries, schools, and the community is asking for help in raising $9,800 USD in donations to ship books. Since 1988, 46 countries have benefited from the shipping of...
by Amanda Bragg