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Kenyan School Pilots Mobile Technology in the Classroom

The newly developed Power of M-Learning Project aims to improve academic performance in Kenyan primary schools by using 3G enabled tablets to deliver the newly digitized Kenyan curriculum. The project is currently being piloted...
by Shannon Schmidt


Deworming Campaign to Benefit 700,000 Schoolchildren in Haiti

This month the Haitian government will launch a national deworming campaign for schoolchildren, in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), the Ministry of National Education, and the Foundation for Development and the...
by Shannon Schmidt


Germany Adds Islam to its Curriculum in an Effort to Integrate Muslim Minority

Germany’s primary school curriculum for public schools now includes Islamic Studies, or Islamunterricht, in an effort to integrate the fast-growing Muslim minority, and counter extremist influence. Although Islam has be...
by Nashrah Ahmed



Free Education Program in Somalia Halted Amid Teacher Strikes

This past September, Somalia launched its Go 2 School Initiative, designed to provide a free education to  one million children in Somalia, where only four out of every ten children currently attend school and, of those attend...
by Shannon Schmidt


Does Your Math Teaching Have SMARTS?

Teaching is never easy but it can definitely be fun! When you’re having fun in the classroom, kids will have fun too and learn something in the process! So ditch your worksheets and give your math teaching SMARTS! SMARTS ...
by Shannon Schmidt


A Creative Approach to Counter Bullying in a School in Iran

A teacher in Iran shaved his head to show solidarity to a student who was being bullied after losing hair due to an illness. Ali Mohammadian, a teacher at Sheikh Shaltoot’s elementary school in the Kurdistan Province of Mariv...
by Nashrah Ahmed



Can a Modern University Build Bridges to Historically Isolated North Korea?

The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) is the first university in North Korea founded and run by foreigners, mainly from the United States, China, and South Korea, offering a Western Education. Inaugurated i...
by Nashrah Ahmed


In Pakistan, a Hero Gives His Life for His Classmates’ Right to Education

On January 6th, a student named Aitzaz Hasan, 15, prevented a suicide bomber from attacking his school, saving the lives of nearly 2,000 of his fellow students. It is reported that the suicide bomber was aged 20 to 25, and app...
by Nashrah Ahmed


Deepening Ties Between Morocco and Gulf States Provide Opportunity for Education Reform

Qatar recently pledged $1.25 billion in aid to Morocco, joining a group of other Arabian Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE, who have promised a total of $5 billion in aid to Morocco by 2017. The aid pledg...
by Alex Leedom