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Iraqi Refugees put Increasing Strain on Host Countries

2013 proved to be the bloodiest year in Iraq since 2008. In addition to devastation inside the country, the violence has also driven thousands of Iraqis to neighboring Jordan and Syria, where they, along with refugees from the ...
by Alex Leedom


UNESCO Still Struggling From Lack of Funding

UNESCO, the cultural agency most known for its promotion and protection of world heritage sites, has suspended American membership after the US has withheld funds from the agency for three successive years. Having provided 22 ...
by Ashleigh Brown


Vietnam: $96 Million to Train Students Abroad

The Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung recently approved a VND 2.070 trillion (US $96 million) plan that will send state officials and specially selected students to train abroad for the next seven years. Per the plan, t...
by Alice Formwalt



Nigerian Union of Teachers Demands Implementation of UNESCO’s Suggestion

As the world celebrated Labor Day, Nigeria’s capital city Abuja became the arena for the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), as they called on every tier of their government in an attempt to ensure allocation of 26 per cent...
by Ashleigh Brown


Malaysia: Wheels in Motion for School Bus Insurance Policy

In two-parent working families, children must rely on school buses to bring them to and from school. With 16,663 registered school buses in Malaysia, school bus safety is a main concerns raised by parents. However, parents may ...
by Alice Formwalt


Australia: Giving a ‘Gonski’ For Public Education

A new budget analysis released by the Australian Education Union (AEU) shows that public schools risk receiving $390 million less in funding in 2014 if the federal and state governments fail to establish the Gonski school fundi...
by Alice Formwalt



World Bank Funds Two Nigerian Projects to Improve Education and Employment Opportunities

Recently it was announced that the World Bank will be financing two major projects in Nigeria. They are the Nigeria Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO), and the Nigeria State Education Program Investment Proje...
by Sera Yoo


Bulgarian President Emphasizes Need for Scientific Innovation

“Education and innovation are the recipe of Bulgaria’s future success.” This is the new mantra championed by Bulgaria’s President, Rosen Plevneliev, in a meeting with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia yesterday...
by Ashleigh Brown


Philippines: ‘Early Learning for Life’ Program is Just the Beginning

The foundations of learning are built from the moment of birth. Could early childhood education be a key ingredient for closing the gaps that threaten global educational growth? UNICEF, alongside the Department of Social Welfar...
by Alice Formwalt