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Grant Extends UMass Work in Afghanistan

A new $23 million grant from USAID  will allow the University of Massachusetts, UMass, to extend and expand its work in Afghanistan. The grant is part of a five-year, $92 million project designed to strengthen higher education...
by Alex Leedom


Open Access to Books for Arabic Science Education

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced, as one of her last acts in office, a new project that may change the way Arabic speaking teachers and students access information. The Open Book Project (OBP) was launche...
by Catarina Loureiro


South Africa Creates Career-Education Program to Give Students Career and Higher Ed Direction

A new program created by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the Department of Higher Education and Training is encouraging students to make early decisions on careers, as well as to apply early to higher educ...
by Amanda Bragg



South African Universities Linked to High Speed Internet; Herald New Information Sharing Age

On July 17, high speed internet was linked from Zambia to South Africa via a cable that passes through Zimbabwe. The internet will connect universities within the Zambia Research and Education Network to those within South Afr...
by Susie Hufford


University to Research Invasive Water Hyacinth in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, an invasive species of water hyacinthis devastating the local water supply, local biodiversity, and local marine life. The Chinhoyi University of Technology is planning to research the water hyacinth in an atte...
by Susie Hufford


Ghanaian Nursing School Fees Increase

The Ghana Nurse and Midwife Trainees Association (GNMTA) is currently in disapproval of an increase in nursing school fees announced by the Ministry of Health. They have contacted the Ministry of Health with an ultimatum stat...
by Susie Hufford



What’s the Secret to Finnish Schools?

The world’s educators will be watching the upcoming 2012 OECD Programme for International Study Assessment (PISA) results, and many Western countries will have their eyes on Finland. For a country that prides itself on pr...
by Lauren Riggs


New Study Abroad Program Aims to Give Russia a Boost in the Global Market

Set to launch later this year, the Russian government’s newest higher ed idea is Global Education, a program that will sponsor 3,000 graduates to study abroad over the next three years in the “high priority”...
by Ling Shu


Rwanda’s Increase in Graduates and Universities Impacts Job Market

In Rwanda, there has been a surge in the number of graduates and institutions of higher education. In 1995, there were two universities, one public and one private, and in 2000 only 741 students total graduated from those unive...
by Susie Hufford