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Kenyan School Pilots Mobile Technology in the Classroom

The newly developed Power of M-Learning Project aims to improve academic performance in Kenyan primary schools by using 3G enabled tablets to deliver the newly digitized Kenyan curriculum. The project is currently being piloted...
by Shannon Schmidt


Kenya Launches “Beyond Zero” Campaign for Maternal and Child Health

The First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta launched the “Beyond Zero” campaign to combat high levels of maternal and child morbidity and mortality throughout the country. This program aims to increase access to medi...
by Amanda Lubit


Smartphone App Brings Eye Exams to Students in Rural Kenya

A new smartphone app called the Portable Eye Examination Kit (PEEK) is bringing eye exams to students in rural Kenya. Colloquially called the “pocket optician,” the app is intended to catch eye problems in children ...
by Carla Drumhiller



Kenya Honored for “Character and Creativity Initiative”

 A Kenya-pioneered program that fosters a culture of compassion in schools and improves academic performance has been singled out for mention at this year’s Global Peace Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The innovative p...
by Carla Drumhiller


National Exam Grading Begins in Kenya Amidst Controversy

More than 17,000 teachers have reported to 25 marking centers across the country to begin grading the nearly 438 thousand Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams. Grading has begun despite threats by the Kenya Uni...
by Amanda Lubit


Kenyan Teachers Struggle After End of Strike

Many Kenyan teachers are struggling to survive on smaller-than-usual paychecks this month after the end of a country-wide teachers’ strike. The 24-day strike involved 240,000 of Kenya’s public school teachers, who protested...
by Carla Drumhiller



Indian Universities Work To Recruit East African Students

India’s higher education sector is determined to once again achieve the title of being the leading destination for students from Africa and is holding workshops in East Africa in an effort to attract more students. According ...
by Nina Thurau


Kenya National Union of Teachers Calls off Strike

Less than an hour after the government announced an indefinite closure of primary schools, Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) ended its strike on July 17, 2013. For more than three weeks, about 240,000 primary and secondar...
by Carolina Shin


E-Learning in Kenya: The Reality

At the beginning of this year, 1.3 million Laptops will be distributed to school children in Kenya. Requiring more than USD 600 million (53 billion Kenyan Shillings), this project is part of the Kenyan government’s ambition o...
by Carolina Shin