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30,000 Nicaraguan Students Receive Free Laptops

Thanks to the One Laptop Per Child program, 30,000 Nicaraguan students from low-income neighborhoods are starting school this fall with their own laptops. A representative of the Zamora Terán Foundation, distributor of the lap...
by Carla Drumhiller


Nicaraguan Youth Learn English, Take Action for the Future

Students in Nicaragua face a tough job market when they finish school. In order to give themselves an leg up on the competition and a chance to win a high-paying position, many turn to English lessons. In Ciudad Sandino, one of...
by Carla Drumhiller

Young people act out a flash-theater scene

Campaign for “Love and Freedom” Changes Lives in Nicaragua

Surrounded by their audience in a spacious room, a dozen young people dressed in black perform flash theater: a boy hands a bouquet of flowers to a girl; two girls embrace while a boy looks on in disgust; a girl hands a condom ...
by Sara Van Note


Students in rural Nicaragua

Nicaraguan NGO’s Promote Preschool

During the Global Action Week for Education Nicaraguan NGO’s took the opportunity to call for more support for preschools. As reported in El Nuevo Diario, the president of the Forum for Education and Human Development Initiat...
by Sara Van Note

Girls battle for the soccer ball in Bocana de Paiwas, Nicaragua

Girls Score “Goal against Machismo” in Nicaragua

On a dusty pitch under intense tropical sun, 22 adolescent girls battle for control of the soccer ball.  The team “Stars of Tomorrow” trades kicks with their rivals for today, the “Crazy Girls.”  The girls come to the...
by Sara Van Note


Finding their Voices, Sharing their Wisdom: Kids Create Change In Nicaragua

This is the third of three posts about an organization in northern Nicaragua, CESESMA, and their model of youth empowerment, as well as their innovative new project on sex and sexuality.  Part I is here, and Part II is here. N...
by Sara Van Note



Kids’ Survey on Sexuality Creates Change in Nicaragua

In my last post I wrote about an organization in northern Nicaragua, CESESMA, that uses a framework of human rights to address the needs of children and adolescents.  I described their use of consultorias, or investigative con...
by Sara Van Note

Letys, consultant, and Maria after their interview

Empowering Kids for Real Community Change in Nicaragua

What if we asked kids to teach us about the problems in their communities?  What if they gave recommendations for solving those problems?  And what if we gave them the tools to carry out change? An organization in northern Ni...
by Sara Van Note

Ometepe, Nicaragua

Latin America’s First “Digital Island” is Wired for Kids

Five thousand primary students on the rural island of Ometepe, Nicaragua received new XO laptops loaded with educational software and connected with 24-hour wireless internet in an effort to close the digital gap.  Traffic cam...
by Sara Van Note