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Myanmar’s Government Excludes Influential Education Group from Reform Talks

Myanmar is in the midst of a massive upheaval. Following the 2011 dissolution of the military junta that had controlled the country since 1962, the country has begun a process of democratization and reform. But now, just after ...
by Alex Leedom


Child Soldiers Released from Service in Myanmar

Myanmar’s military has recently released 96 child soldiers from service. Since the government of Myanmar agreed to end the use of child soldiers in 2012, five release events have taken place to discharge a total of 272 c...
by Amanda Lubit


Classes Resume in Philippines Following Super Typhoon

Two months after Super Typhoon Yolanda devastated the Philippines, formal classes have resumed for the region’s school children. Teachers and students alike were delighted to return to classes and regain a sense of normal...
by Amanda Lubit



Cambodia to Teach Anti-corruption in Schools

The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, declared that the state will incorporate anti-corruption curricula into the national school system. This decision came in time for International Anti-Corruption Day. It is also a respons...
by Amanda Lubit


Laos To Develop Sex Education Curriculum To Reduce Teen Pregnancies

Somchit Inthamith, Lao Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment, has called for Laos to address high levels of teen pregnancy through sex education.  This would be a joint health and education initiative aimed at encouraging...
by Amanda Lubit


New Report Shows the High Cost of Keeping Children Out of School

A new report released by the Washington, DC-based Results for Development Institute (R4D) has shown that it is more expensive to keep children out of school than to educate them. The study, entitled Hidden Burden: The Economic ...
by Carla Drumhiller



Burma Struggles With Its Language of Instruction Policy

Burma is an amazingly diverse country, with eight major ethnic groups, over 100 subgroups, and dozens of spoken languages. However, Burmese is the only language of instruction allowed in schools, and that policy leaves many stu...
by Carla Drumhiller


Disabled Children in Burma Experience Barriers to Education

In Burma, children with disabilities have few opportunities to gain an education. Public schools often prohibit children with mental disabilities, blindness or deafness from enrolling, leaving them with few if any options. Whil...
by Amanda Lubit


Bangladesh Schools Struggle To Survive During Flooding

Chronic flooding in Southwestern Bangladesh has forced school closures, creating regular gaps in students’ education. The late October flooding has forced educators to find creative ways to continue teaching students, som...
by Rachel Pozivenec