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Yemen Talks Coordination on Higher Education with other Arab Nations

Yemeni Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Hisham Sharaf met in Riyadh on Friday, March 14 with his Moroccan counterpart, Soumia Bankhaldoun to discuss cooperation on higher education between the two countries....
by Alex Leedom

Libya freedom fighters

New Start Given to Libyan Revolutionaries

Five thousand former rebel fighters will get the opportunity to pursue higher education abroad as a result of an agreement approved by the Libyan government. Ideally, this initiative will not only teach these fighters marketabl...
by Amanda Lubit


Indian Universities Work To Recruit East African Students

India’s higher education sector is determined to once again achieve the title of being the leading destination for students from Africa and is holding workshops in East Africa in an effort to attract more students. According ...
by Nina Thurau



From Brazil to S. Korea to Learn Science

A group of 85 Brazilian college students are leaving their country to study science, engineering, and technology in South Korean universities for a year. The students are travelling with scholarships granted by the program Scie...
by Catarina Loureiro


YES Abroad Participants Arrive in Sarajevo, Ready for Cultural Exchange

A group of four US high school students arrived in Sarajevo, BiH, where they’ll be spending the upcoming school year living and studying in the country’s capital. These students are participants in the Kennedy-Lugar Youth E...
by Aldina Dzebo


“Sea Turtle” Chinese Students Turning into “Seaweed”? Cultural Shift Devalues Study Abroad?

Chinese students who study aboard for their higher education are often labeled “sea turtles” in China. This is due to the fact that these students will have the world on their back (in a good way) when they return to China....
by Sera Yoo



New Zealand Universities Discriminate: Charge Asian Students Higher Fees

The Human Rights Commission began looking into higher education in New Zealand when they found that Asian study abroad students are charged higher fees than Middle Eastern or South American students. These students, who want to...
by Amanda Bragg


Taiwan Offering Scholarships to Attract International Students

Taiwan’s National Science Council (NSC) and Academia Sinica, as part of the Overseas Technology Talent Recruitment Program, have launched a public-private scholarship program worth USD $5 million in order to boost the...
by Ling Shu


International Student Identity Card Partnering with MasterCard for a Revamp

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC), the only globally recognized student identification and discount card, is now also an international prepaid debit card, courtesy of MasterCard. Why this card? It provides a safe, ...
by Ling Shu