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Uterine Prolapse Epidemic among Nepalese Women

Without access to necessary reproductive and maternal health services, approximately 1.4 million women in Nepal suffer from uterine prolapse. These women not only suffer physically from this painful and debilitating condition, ...
by Amanda Lubit


Sex Ed Comes to Pakistani Girls

On the heels of a recent UNESCO initiative to improve access to and quality of girls’ education, a new program run by the Village Shadabad Organisation is bringing sex education to nearly 700 girls in eight schools in rural P...
by Alex Leedom


Libyan Decree Promotes Gender Segregation and Veiled Teachers

A new decree petitioned by Libya’s Grand Mufti, the country’s highest religious authority, suggests forced gender separation in schools and requires all female teachers to wear a veil when teaching males past the ag...
by Rachel Pozivenec



Philippines Ranks As One of the Top Five Countries for Gender Equality

The Philippines is one of the best places in the world to be a woman, reported the Global Gender Gap Report 2013. The country ranked fifth in the world and number one in Asia, moving up three notches from its previous ranking i...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Child Abduction in China Feeds the Adoption Industry

Upon the news that the Chinese government has rescued 92 children from a kidnapping ring, there has been renewed international attention to the rise in human trafficking throughout China over the past few years. Some estimate ...
by Amanda Lubit


IKEA Foundation Provides Funding for India’s Women and Children

The IKEA Foundation contributed €60 million to UNICEF’s development programs in India earlier this month. The generous donation will provide quality health and education services to millions of underprivileged childre...
by Rachel Pozivenec



In Gaza, Hamas Separates Classes By Gender

Hamas, the Islamic group that governs the Palestianian territory in Gaza, passed a new educational law that mandates separate classes for boys and girls over the age of 9 and also excludes men from working at girls’ schoo...
by Alice Formwalt


Share of the Week!

A Kalash tribe woman from Pakistan sports a traditional headdress Share of the Week is open content stuff so great and awesome that we can’t keep it to ourselves. Creative Commons Love: Manal Khan on
by Alice Formwalt


Teach at Honduras’ Leadership Center

If you want to volunteer and teach poor students in Honduras, here is an excellent opportunity: the Leadership Center (LC) invites applications for teachers who will be responsible for teaching college students in Honduras. The...
by Mantra Roy