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Literacy for Anywhere

We’ve got a new program in the works! A full, professionally developed, series of leveled readers for primary students that can be downloaded, translated, and printed, for free! Check out our video above, and donate to, l...
by Michael Jones


ASEAN Creates Virtual Classroom For People With Disabilities

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has created an ASEAN Community e-Classroom Project. The project is an initiative under the ASEAN ICT Master Plan 2015, and is aimed at harnessing the ICT skills of people with ...
by Nina Thurau


6 Advanced Things to Teach in Computer Class

A while back we published 10 Free Things to Teach in Computer Class Besides Typing. It covered some basic activities and topics for teachers to use in classes where computers are available but resources are otherwise scarce. T...
by Michael Jones



An Innovative Virtual Tribute to Laos’ Legacies of War

In this digital age, we no longer lack for information. Instead, we face an entirely new challenge: how do we organize and harness our information resources in the most meaningful and appropriate way? One program is living up t...
by Alice Formwalt


A New Online Source: Flipped Learning

Launched just this spring, the Flipped Learning Network is a website that was started to help teachers adopt a flipped learning system and ideology in their classrooms and beyond. What exactly is “flipped learning?”...
by Ling Shu


Leave It to Beavers: Early Childhood Education in China

In the US, many kids grow up to the teachings of a giant purple dinosaur or funny puppets. In China, since 2010, kids have been receiving their dosage of early childhood education from a group of cartoon beavers on wh...
by Ling Shu



Open Textbook Catalog Provides Avenue for Reducing Student Costs

Higher education continues to get more expensive in the United States, but efforts like the Open Textbook Catalog at the University of Minnesota help organize and evaluate less expensive textbook options for professors to adopt...
by Jonathan Davidson


Discovering Children’s Rights “Through the Wild Web Woods”

“Through the Wild Web Woods” is a free online game developed by the Council of Europe through its 2005 program “Building a Europe for and with Children.” The game is designed to help children learn about basic i...
by Aldina Dzebo


Harvard and MIT Join Forces for the Open Course Movement!

The era of online higher education is upon us. Following efforts on other educational sites such as, Harvard entered into an agreement today with MIT to bring its courses to the open web. Both schools have pledged...
by Jonathan Davidson



Infographic! Logic Is As Logic Does, Right?

Some brilliant minds on the internet have put together a free creative commons infographic on logical fallacies. Not only is it free to check out and share, but they’ve made posters that can be easily printed and posted i...
by Michael Jones


Coursera Draws Top Universities to Offer Free Courses

Coursera, is an online education company founded this year by two Stanford University computer-science professors. It’s been off to a strong start, and has drawn together at least four top-tier universities in an effort ...
by Michael Jones


Infographic! The Problem with Copyright Law

This infographic is near and dear to our hearts. It talks about the abuse of the patent system, where, much like copyright law, people use it to limit growth and innovation rather than spark it. Great job Frugal Dad! Source: ht...
by Michael Jones



Paywalls for News Sites: To Be, or Not to Be (Porous)

It’s an old(ish) story: print newspapers are dying, and the Internet is the best chance for recovery. Problem with the Internet is that everyone wants something for nothing, but companies can’t afford to provide new...
by Jonathan Davidson


Commercial Entity Buying Up Open Source Software Alternatives

How does one compete against FREE? That’s an interesting question for Blackboard, a company which creates learning management systems (LMS). Blackboard previously engaged in buying up and either dismantling or integrati...
by Jonathan Davidson


Make an Educational Cartoon in Any Language!

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of educational materials in the languages of many of the countries we work in. This becomes doubly difficult when we’re teaching students whose native language uses non-R...
by Michael Jones



Open Wonderland: An Open Source Virtual Classroom

Open Wonderland is an open source Java-based toolkit for creating vibrant and collaborative 3D virtual worlds. The technology has wide ranging educational, business, and government applications because it is both extensible and...
by Tait Mandler


How is YouTube For Schools Doing Three Months After Launch?

We’ve been talking a lot about rapidly emerging online technologies that are creating high-quality and free educational opportunities (check out our posts on MITx and MOOCs). We’ve also already celebrated the launc...
by Tait Mandler


Open Journalism: A Modern Fairy Tale

“Open” has to be one of the most versatile concepts of our generation. In all cases, “open” promises active involvement rather than the mere consumption of information. At Open Equal Free and subsidiary...
by Jonathan Davidson



Pi Day! Celebrating Circles in Free Pictures!

March 14th, or 3.14, is known around the world as Pi day! Join us in celebrating circles, and Pi (and even pie) on this momentous occasion!   Creative Commons Love: Gloson, Wonderlane,  Mykl Roventine, peasap, estherchase...
by Michael Jones


The Curator’s Code

We love free stuff. At the same time, we know there is no free lunch. The better it tastes, the more we must resign ourselves to its price. Every piece of nifty, ingenious internet swag was made by a hardworking nerd somewhere ...
by Tiffany Tsai


Women’s Day Education Tribute in Free Pictures

We love giving you open content pictures, and International Women’s Day is as good an excuse as any. In fact, it’s such an important day that we’re going to include some facts and quotes about female education...
by Michael Jones



Free Stuff! iPhone App Tracks Your Slavery Footprint

There are more than 30 million slaves in the world today making your shoes, picking your tomatoes, and mining mica that is in your makeup. Imagine if you could calculate exactly how much of your lifestyle was dependent on slave...
by Marliz Calleja


Happy Open Education Week!

This week is Open Education Week, a week long celebration of OER (Open Educational Resources). That means it’s a great time to spread the word about OER, share some OER, and especially use OER in your classroom! Check out...
by Michael Jones


MITx Open for (FREE!) Enrollment

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has opened registration for its first MITx online courses.   The program allows alternative certification with informal online learning.  Registration is free and open to anyone, any...
by Travis Thompson



Wikipedia Coming to Cell Phones in Africa, Middle East–for FREE!

By mid-2012 millions of people in Africa and the Middle East will be able to access free, unlimited use of Wikipedia on their smart phones.  Mobile network provider Orange and the Wikimedia Foundation will allow Orange’s...
by Travis Thompson


Teachbuzz: Lessons for Anywhere!

It’s a very exciting day for us. Teachbuzz, our resource site designed to provide teachers all over the world (even the poorest places on earth) with fantastic free lesson plans, is ready for the public! We’ve been ...
by Michael Jones


Big Pharma Joins the Sharing Revolution

In a surprising move, pharmaceutical companies are joining the open innovation movement by releasing data about potential malaria drugs to the public. Unveiled as part of the World Health Organization’s plans to control ...
by Michael Jones



Happy Valentine’s Day: 15 Free Pictures for 15 Kinds of Lovers

We love you guys, and what better way to say it than by giving you a whole lot of top-notch free Valentine’s Day pictures! For information on finding other kinds of free images, video, and audio, check out our Open Conten...
by Michael Jones


Groundhog’s Day 2012: Let’s Get This Party Started!

I don’t know if the little guy is going to see his shadow today.  He’s still sleeping as I write this from Cambodia.  I’m celebrating the big day by sharing my top five favorite Groundhog’s Day Creativ...
by Travis Thompson


We Love Creative Commons and So Does This Infographic

We’re all about Creative Commons licenses and sharing great ideas, art, literature, lesson plans…everything!  We think Creative Commons and free media provide an amazing path to helping us improve education around ...
by Travis Thompson