We are in the business of increasing impact without increasing cost. We help organizations be the best they can be and share their greatness with others, often for free. Let’s work together! We offer training, consultancy, and resource development that is designed to improve the work you do without increasing your budget.

Remember, an important part of our work is that everything we help to create is made available under open content licensing. You can read about the licenses available, and the one we recommend, here.

Contact us for more information: contact@openequalfree.org

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Sometimes resources aren’t enough. You need someone who’s seen it, lived it, and learned it first hand helping your organization step up to the next level. We offer comprehensive program evaluations that allow us to give you directed, personalized suggestions for high-impact improvements.


Trainings can be coupled with consultancies (and therefore custom-designed to meet the needs of your organization) or can be chosen from our list of in depth programs that have been designed to improve the efficiency of anyone working to make education better.

Curriculum Development

Open Equal Free also offers remote or on-site curriculum development. We specialize in taking the lessons and/or curricula organizations have developed and fine tuning them to make them more effective and ensure they utilize best practices in teaching methodology. Our goal is to help you do more with less by designing curricula that not only teach the core subject matter, but to empower students with critical and creative thinking skills, confidence, leadership abilities, and collaborative skills.


All of our services are offered on a sliding scale. We also accept in-kind donations to offset some or all of the costs from organizations eager to help spread Open Educational Resources. Our number one goal is always to increase the amount of resources available for educators working in the developing world.


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