Here are some resources we find useful. The collection is small but growing! If you have some to suggest, let us know!

Lesson Plans

These are sites we have managed to find some good lesson plans on, or at least lesson plans that can be adapted to something good.

If you work in the developing world, you’ll probably need a highly fluent English speaker to do some serious searching and re-writing. If you’d like advice on how to go about that, or help doing it, look into our free consultancies and trainings, or just shoot us an e-mail.

Teachbuzz! Open Equal Free’s very own lesson plan database, designed with the whole world in mind so that you can find lessons that will work in buy xanax online the most difficult places on Earth.

OXFAM Search friendly. Resources for people at all levels of educational development: teachers, admin, program coordinators, etc.

UNESCO Has tons of stuff that someone would have to wade through: stats, global reports, etc. But, lots of good classroom relevant stuff too.

Beacon Learning Center – We highly recommend this site, especially if you work in Florida. If you work in the developing world, it will take a lot of searching and rewriting, but, they have a great collection of lesson plans to use as a starting point.

HotChalk Lesson Plans –  If you can’t find what your looking for at Beacon, this is a good second stop. Although we’ve found it takes a bit more searching and a bit more re-writing to make them serviceable for the developing world.

Reach Out Michigan - Has some great interactive science activities that can usually be done on a (very) small budget. – A general resource site we’ve found a few morsels on.

Lesson Plan Central – Useful bits here and there.

PEPY Lesson Books – Designed specifically for the developing world, these lesson books comprise a complete 3 year supplemental curricula in Science, Social Studies, Computers, and Math. They are still in the draft stages, but you can get a look at them here!

Teacher Tools

99 Tools for Online Teaching

Free Maps!

Teaching and Learning materials from Peace Corps, including info on how to adapt resources.

Management and Teacher Performance

English Teacher Observation Form – PEPY has designed an observation form that makes it possible to give objective, detailed assessments to teachers. Check it out!

Video Resources

Harder to scan through quickly, and harder to access in out of the way places, but, videos can be useful if you can get to them!

Teacher Tube – Youtube for teachers. General collection of education videos and tid-bits.

Teaching Channel – A newer, perhaps more user friendly, general collection of education videos and tid-bits.

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Other OER Websites

WikiEducator - A community project working collaboratively with the Free Culture Movement towards a free version of the education curriculum by 2015.

Commonwealth of Learning  - An intergovernmental organisation created by Commonwealth Heads of Government to encourage the development and sharing of open learning/distance education knowledge, resources and technologies. COL is helping developing nations improve access to quality education and training.

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