English teaching is pretty common in the developing world. Not only does it provide economic opportunities, but it is the most common medium of communication for many fields. Below is a collection of the most useful resources we’ve found. Have some to add? Let us know!

General Pedagogy and Practices

Reducing Teacher Talk Time Through Elicitation - Elicitation is a great general technique that can be incorporated into almost any English lesson when introducing new language. It keeps multi-level classes engaged and learning in a way no other technique we’ve seen can.

An Invaluable Informal Assessment Technique: Concept Checking Questions - How do you know if they know? Concept Checking Questions, that’s how.

Five Games (And Two Tricks) For Teaching English


How to Teach Reading to Language Learners

Assessing Reading Ability in Any Language: Part I, Part II, Part III

Determining Text Difficulty - This will give you a brief introduction to “leveling” texts. Intuition can sometimes lead us astray when deciding what readings are appropriate for our students, so here’s a way to find out more concretely just how hard a bit of reading is.


Great Tips for Teaching Writing to Language Learners

Rubric - This is a very complete rubric to use as an example for designing your own, or using it as is. Remember, rubrics work best when everyone is familiar with them and knows how you’re grading!

501 Writing Prompts - Never wind up stumped for what to have your students write again!

Graphic Organizers - When leading students through the writing process it’s always helpful to aid them in organizing their ideas and graphic organizers are one great way to get the job done.

Resource Sites

Some other places we’d recommend doing some resource digging:

Teachit’s Resource Libraries

One Stop English

The British Council’s Teaching Resources

Using English’s Teaching Resources

National Council of Teachers of English

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