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Open content licensing (free stuff!) is changing the world. It’s making art, music, information, and education more accessible than it has ever been in the history of humankind. We’ve put together a collection of articles designed to help you become a part of this amazing movement, either as a creator, or just a more empowered consumer.

This is a guide for people new to open content, or people who want to expand what they already know about this incredible movement. Here you’ll learn what open content is, how to license your own work for sharing around the world, and how to find the best and most beautiful open content for your websites, slideshows, articles, and whatever other amazing projects you have coming up!

What is Open Content?

A Brief History of Openness

Creative Commons 101: License to Thrill

A Menagerie of Open Content Licenses

Intermission: A Story in Many (Creative Commons) Pictures

How to Find the Best Free Photos

How to Find the Best Free Audio

How to Find the Best Free Video

Make Your Own Open Content: Free Software