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History & Overviews

The following links should provide a crash course on the Cambodian education system for those of us just getting started, or for veterans looking for a bird’s eye view of schools and education in Cambodia.

A more complete history of education in Cambodia, specific data may be out of date, but the narrative is useful


The Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport - Useful for NGOs working on education

The Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Useful for international NGOs working in Cambodia

World Bank on Cambodian Education – Some quick world bank data

EDUCAM – Hosts a monthly meeting for presentations and announcements useful to education NGOs in Cambodia. For more information, contact

Casual Collaboration – A monthly meeting in Siem Reap for NGOs to gather and chat about their work. Different venue and location each month, contact for more info:

Khmer Books

Several organizations in Cambodia work on literacy, including developing Khmer language books.

SIPAR – Mostly non-fiction books for young readers.

Room to Read – Provides books, classroom libraries, and school libraries to selected schools.

PEPY – Has produced some Khmer books that are available at their office in Siem Reap.

Community & School Support

ESCUP Tookit – A listing of non-prescriptive interventions based on community needs. Designed to work within the context of Cambodia and is aligned with the structures set in place by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport.

PSDP Manual -  Created by the fine folks at Schools for Children of Cambodia, this manual (also available in Khmer) helps NGOs to create a program that will empower school support committees to improve schools. It is designed with sustainability in mind, and incorporates an exit strategy into it’s framework.

CEQE Lessons Learned (Community Engagement in promoting Quality Education) – This document is an evaluation of three NGO’s (VSO, KAPE, and PKO) work with school support committees (SSC) and was commissioned by the NEP. It discusses the various approaches to working with SSCs and provides insights into effective programming for other organizations that hope to do the same.



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