We love geeking out on gadgets. Below you will find resources to help you and yours put together some awesome lessons or programs around technology.

Warning: this is a resource page that isn’t necessarily a perfect fit for low-cost education programs in the developing world. Still, we know a lot of you out there have computer labs, engineering programs, and other exciting technology education going on, so, here are some resources!

The collection is small but growing. Let us know if you have some to add!

Scratch Absolutely makes us swoon. It’s an open source educational programing language that is easy to use, can run on just about anything, and is totally free. Their website is full of resources, including lesson guides, examples, and the program for download.

Sparkfun Tutorials Trying to bring out the mad scientist in your students? Sparkfun Tutorials are a great way to get ideas for electric engineering lessons and activities. We may be courting them soon to design some resources around broken cell phones, flash lights, and other oddments you can find in the developing world.

10 Free Things to Teach in Computer Class Besides Typing – Get a look at a long list of activities to do with your students beyond typing and basic office skills!

6 Advanced (Free) Things to Teach in Computer Class – the above link too basic? Try these for really getting your hands dirty with code, design, and media.

 Code Academy is a free online program that allows students to learn code by doing.