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Senegal’s Major Problem With Forced Child Begging

While Senegal has attempted to address some of its huge number of impoverished families with healthcare funding, many of its children are still suffering in school. Human Rights Watch reported on March 19 that many children in ...
by Alex Leedom


Liberian Teachers Demand Pack Pay from Education Ministry

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, public school teachers gathered at the Ministry of Education in the Liberian city of Sinkor to demand back pay from the government. The teachers allege that they have not been paid since their appointment ...
by Alex Leedom


Kenyan School Pilots Mobile Technology in the Classroom

The newly developed Power of M-Learning Project aims to improve academic performance in Kenyan primary schools by using 3G enabled tablets to deliver the newly digitized Kenyan curriculum. The project is currently being piloted...
by Shannon Schmidt



Foreign Aid To Education in Sub-Saharan Africa Slows

The recent UNESCO report, the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, released late last month, finds a disturbing drop in foreign aid made to education, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. According to the report, “In sub-...
by Alex Leedom


Japan Assists Sudan with School Construction

Amid the pervasive violence within and just across Sudan’s borders and the devastation already caused to its infrastructure thanks to a decade long conflict in Darfur, Japan has offered $441,133 to help build elementary schoo...
by Alex Leedom


Northern States in Nigeria Undertake Education Reform

In March, governors of the 19 Northern States of Nigeria met to eliminate secondary school fees in an effort to boost student enrollment. Governor of the Niger state and chairman of the Northern States Governors’ Forum, Baban...
by Alex Leedom



Uganda Makes Great Strides in Addressing Gender Gap in Education

UNESCO’s recently released Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring report lists encouraging statistics regarding gender parity in Uganda’s educational system. The report states that Uganda improved by 95 per cent over the...
by Alex Leedom


Free Education Program in Somalia Halted Amid Teacher Strikes

This past September, Somalia launched its Go 2 School Initiative, designed to provide a free education to  one million children in Somalia, where only four out of every ten children currently attend school and, of those attend...
by Shannon Schmidt


EU and UNICEF Begin Health and Education Programs in Darfur

On Monday, Feb. 3, the EU and UNICEF began the implementation of two projects in the Darfur region of Sudan, aimed at improving health and access to education. The health project funds 28 midwifery trainers, 300 technical midwi...
by Alex Leedom