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Chinese Authorities Take Action against Illegal Sex-Selective Abortions

China announced the arrest of ten gang members guilty of providing sex-selective abortions. The One-Child policy in China has led to a preference for male children over females. This has contributed to the abortion, killing, ab...
by Amanda Lubit


Corporal Punishment of Children Has Lasting Psychological Effects

Corporal punishment in schools continues to be an accepted method of discipline in many countries around the world. In these regions, many argue that physical punishment is a normal, natural and harmless part of their culture; ...
by Amanda Lubit


Shanghai Students Top PISA Global Education Rankings

For the second time, students in Shanghai, China, have come out on top of the global Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test rankings. The newly released PISA results stem from the 2012 exams, which tested th...
by Carla Drumhiller



Thai Students Learn Chinese Culture Through Strengthened Bi-Lateral Relations

Premier Li Keqiang visited the Chongfha Sin Seng School in Chaing Mai, Thailand; a 112 year old bi-lingual school that teaches traditional Chinese education in the country. The Chinese Prime Minister visited Thailand to strengt...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Cultural Diversity Playgroup in Hong Kong Benefits Refugee Children

The Hong Kong refugee organization Vision First holds a weekly Cultural Diversity Playgroup for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old. The concept behind this group is to provide children and parents with a sett...
by Amanda Lubit


China Introduces Education Reforms to De-Emphasize English Language Curriculum

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission proposed education reforms that will de-emphasize English language curriculum in the gaokao, China’s national higher education examinations. The proposition aims to relieve press...
by Rachel Pozivenec



Global Slavery Index: Almost 30 Million People Currently Enslaved

A new report published by the Australian-based Walk Free Foundation revealed that nearly 30 million people worldwide are forced into practices of modern slavery. According to the Foundation, “’slavery’ refers to t...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Child Abduction in China Feeds the Adoption Industry

Upon the news that the Chinese government has rescued 92 children from a kidnapping ring, there has been renewed international attention to the rise in human trafficking throughout China over the past few years. Some estimate ...
by Amanda Lubit


Beijing Conference Tackles Education Barriers for Disabled Students

The Beijing Forum on Human Rights has drawn attention once again to the state of education for disabled students in China. Amidst reports of discrimination and exclusion, human rights experts have announced policy recommendati...
by Carla Drumhiller