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Kosovo Initiates Campaign Against Human Trafficking

Kosovo’s Ministry of Interior initiated a one-month nation-wide campaign against human trafficking, titled “Open Your Eyes.” The campaign intends to inform the general public with an emphasis on children, young adults...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Tuition Hike in Armenia Leads to Student Protests

The recent tuition hike in many of Armenia’s schools of higher education has led to student protesting from August 13th onwards. In response, the Armenian Minister of Education justifies the tuition hikes as being beneficial ...
by Aanchal Narang


The Kilogram is Getting Heavier

According to a group of scientists from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, the original kilogram may getting heavier. The International Prototype Kilogram (IPK or Le Grand K, as it is also known), a platinum and i...
by Catarina Loureiro



France: How Necessary is Homework?

A recent report headlined in the Refondons l’école Rebuild Education Inquiry states that French President François Hollande vows to put an end to homework, one of several reform changes designed to boost the countryR...
by Alice Formwalt


Thousands of Students in Spain Protest Education Spending Cuts

In Spain, the government recently announced plans to cut spending on education. The action quickly caused students to hold a nationwide protest against the cut. Led by the Students’ Union, thousands of protestors have taken t...
by Sera Yoo


A Diamond Planet: A Discovery that May Change the Way We See Planets

A recent study conducted by a team of investigators from Yale University in the US and from the Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie in France suggests the existence of a planet in the Milky Way made mostly o...
by Catarina Loureiro



Share of the Week!

Share of the Week is open content stuff so great and awesome that we can’t keep it to ourselves. Creative Commons Love: Spreng Ben on  
by Ling Shu


Share of the Week!

This is a view of the France-Italy border from space. Share of the Week is open content stuff so great and awesome that we can’t keep it to ourselves. Creative Commons Love: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on Fli...
by Ling Shu


Last First Day of School Coming Up for Many Russian Universities

There are too many universities in Russia. This is the opinion of senior education officials, who have watched the number of colleges and institutes skyrocket from 300 at the time of the USSR’s collapse to 3,000 at presen...
by Tiffany Tsai