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Free Education Program in Somalia Halted Amid Teacher Strikes

This past September, Somalia launched its Go 2 School Initiative, designed to provide a free education to  one million children in Somalia, where only four out of every ten children currently attend school and, of those attend...
by Shannon Schmidt


Language Change in Moroccan Classrooms Blocked by Government

Amidst nationwide calls for education reforms, a recent attempt at a language change in Morocco’s classrooms has been blocked by the Moroccan government. Moroccan students are taught in Classical Arabic (Fus’ha), wh...
by Aanchal Narang


Chile’s Student Protestors Run For Congress

In the past few years, Chile has been swept up by mass student protests and government reform that has dismantled its structure of educational programs, among other reforms. Those at the forefront of these student protests are ...
by Aanchal Narang



Rift Widens in Nigerian Lecturer Strike

Tensions continue to rise as the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the Nigerian federal government make no progress in negotiations. The union insists that the government honor its commitment to an agreement estab...
by Sean Yi


Thailand’s Educational Breakdown

As Thailand introduces their “One Tablet Per Child” initiative to bring tablet computers to each of their 9 million Thai schoolchildren, many wonder if this will manifest as merely a political gimmick or become a truly effe...
by Aanchal Narang


Bicycle Program Approved in Peru

Peru’s Ministry of Education announced the approval of an enterprise, “Routes of Solidarity: Rural Bicycles,” that will provide bicycles to children living in rural villages to increase school attendance. Early trials hav...
by Aanchal Narang



Mexico’s Teachers Protest Education Overhaul

Mexico’s teachers are protesting a federal proposal to overhaul Mexico’s education system. Their protests are causing chaos in Mexico City and are forcing the state and federal governments to reconsider the bill. Mexican Pr...
by Aanchal Narang


5,000 New Schools To Be Opened in Bihar, India

The government of Bihar, India, intends to open 5,000 new schools in the state in an attempt to tackle problems that can be resolved through girls’ education. Bihar females face a plethora of problems, such as child marri...
by Nina Thurau


Youth Unemployment on the Rise in Morocco

As Morocco’s unemployment continuously grows, education and skills are no longer enough to obtain a job, in either the public or private sector. While the young Moroccan men and women that are not educated have an even harder...
by Aanchal Narang