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Indian Children Toil in Dangerous Coal Mines

Thousands of young children work in the coal mines of Meghalaya state in northeast India. Deprived of a childhood and education, they work in dangerous, unstable and uncomfortable conditions with the constant threat of injury o...
by Amanda Lubit


Indian Compulsory Education Law Designed Actually Shuts Down Schools

Hundreds of low-cost private schools in India, which have become increasingly popular, are now being forced to shut down as a result of a new compulsory education law, titled Right To Education. The law, as part of India’s pr...
by Alex Leedom


India Celebrates the Successful Eradication of Polio

India has successfully completed three years without any newly diagnosed cases of poliomyelitis anywhere in the country. As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to  certify India as a polio-free country in...
by Amanda Lubit



Corporal Punishment of Children Has Lasting Psychological Effects

Corporal punishment in schools continues to be an accepted method of discipline in many countries around the world. In these regions, many argue that physical punishment is a normal, natural and harmless part of their culture; ...
by Amanda Lubit


New Nursery Admission Rules in Delhi Cause Controversy

Najeeb Jung, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, announced changes to nursery school admission rules for the 2014-2015 school year. These new regulations have caused controversy to arise in Delhi, India among both parents and schools...
by Amanda Lubit


Theater of the Oppressed Addressing Child Abuse in India

The Karunalaya Social Service Society is a non-profit center that offers support to street and working children in and around the city of Chennai, India. The program’s director, Paul Sundar Singh, noticed that as internet...
by Amanda Lubit



India’s Street Children Tell Their Stories Through Youth-Run Newspaper

A pocket of India’s street children are becoming empowered to tell their stories through Delhi-based youth-run newspaper, Balaknama (Children’s Voice). The Hindi newspaper records harrowingly honest case studies of ...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Collaborative Music & Film Project Will Benefit India’s “Untouchable” Children

An international arts project titled Everything Is New will be launched on January 20th 2014 by Scotland-based art collective Transgressive North and children’s charity Scottish Love In Action; grassroots NGO-based organi...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Innovative Improvements Proposed for India’s Higher Education Institutions

President Pranab Mukherjee called for an “elevated level of urgency” for academics to introduce innovative changes in India’s higher education system. Reflecting on India’s failure of universities to be position...
by Rachel Pozivenec