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Bolivia Launches Communications Satellite to Bring Education to Rural Areas

Bolivia is proposing unique solutions to the disparity in education access between its urban and rural populations. Late last year President Evo Morales introduced the launch of Bolivia’s first telecommunications satellite, t...
by Alex Leedom


Cuban Government Provides Medical Education Free of Charge

Cuba spends nearly 13% of its annual GDP ($9.3 billion) on education, which is a greater amount than any other country in Latin America. The government uses this money to provide free education to all students of all ages. This...
by Amanda Lubit


Indigenous Boys from Oaxaca Overcome Obstacles to Win Basketball Tournament

Playing barefoot, a team of Trique Indian boys became champions of the 2013 International Festival of Mini-Basketball, a youth basketball tournament that took place in Cόrdoba, Argentina. More than 900 children attended as pa...
by Amanda Lubit



Benefits of Spanish-English Bilingual Education for Children

In lieu of the United States’s Hispanic Heritage Month and the cutback of many dual-language programs in Florida, California, and Texas, VOXXI, independent journal for Hispanic America, explored the affects of bilingual e...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Brazilian Territory Bans All Toy Guns

Brazil’s Federal District will ban all toy and replica guns in an effort to reduce the country’s violent crime and promote a culture of peace. Valeria de Velasco, minister for the protection of victims of violence i...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Recent FAO Study Presents the Benefits of School Feeding Programs

A recent study conducted by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) presents the benefits of school feeding programs in Latin America. Entitled A Panorama of School Feeding and the Possibilities for Direct...
by Carolina Shin



Mexico’s Teachers Protest Education Overhaul

Mexico’s teachers are protesting a federal proposal to overhaul Mexico’s education system. Their protests are causing chaos in Mexico City and are forcing the state and federal governments to reconsider the bill. Mexican Pr...
by Aanchal Narang


Higher Education Opportunities Increase for Latin American Students

In a highly publicized forum bringing together regional leaders from Latin America, the group gathered to discuss issues on youth to commemorate World Youth Day. At this event, the Deputy Minister of Planning of Ecuador, Ana Ma...
by Melody Chiang


Mexican Students Receive Textbooks “Riddled” With Errors

As children and teachers in Mexico began the new school year on August 19th, they discovered that their government-provided textbooks contained over a hundred errors. 235 million primary school textbooks have been found to cont...
by Carla Drumhiller