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Funding to Provide Healthcare to Senegalese Women and Children

Senegal’s Health and Nutrition Financing Project will provide health and nutrition services to women and children. This project will benefit six regions and 3.5 million people, with the greatest focus being upon impoveris...
by Amanda Lubit


India’s Street Children Tell Their Stories Through Youth-Run Newspaper

A pocket of India’s street children are becoming empowered to tell their stories through Delhi-based youth-run newspaper, Balaknama (Children’s Voice). The Hindi newspaper records harrowingly honest case studies of ...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Vietnam’s Lower Income Children Will Receive Free Heart Surgery

Vietnam’s lower income children with innate heart diseases will now be given life-saving surgeries thanks to a recently decided government decision. Children living in sponsored service centers will be given free-of-charg...
by Rachel Pozivenec



Cultural Diversity Playgroup in Hong Kong Benefits Refugee Children

The Hong Kong refugee organization Vision First holds a weekly Cultural Diversity Playgroup for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old. The concept behind this group is to provide children and parents with a sett...
by Amanda Lubit


South Africa’s Rural Schools Improve Education Standards with Tablet Use

South Africa has initiated a pilot program to test the benefits of providing tablets to students in rural areas. Rural area schools do not have the same access to quality education as schools in urban areas. Authorities hope te...
by Amanda Lubit


African Girls Speak Out for their Rights

According to a survey released on October 11th, International Day of the Girl Child, adolescent girls informed researchers that they want and need better education, access to health care and less impoverished and threatening li...
by Ashleigh Brown



New Documentary Emphasizes Importance of Education for Girls

“Girl Rising,” is a new documentary entailing the stories of nine young girls from the developing world are told, highlighting the fundamental significance of educating young girls for their own self progression an...
by Ashleigh Brown


Rwandan Children Recruited as Child Soldiers in Congo

Controversial information released by the United Nations accuses the Rwandan government of providing child soldiers to neighboring country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite the explicit accounts, Rwandan officials vehe...
by Rachel Pozivenec


China’s Premier Advocates Equal Education for Rural Areas

China’s Premier Li Keqiang urges educational equality for China’s rural areas and declares education reforms as a top priority for the country’s development. The statement followed Li’s visit to high s...
by Rachel Pozivenec