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Deworming Campaign to Benefit 700,000 Schoolchildren in Haiti

This month the Haitian government will launch a national deworming campaign for schoolchildren, in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), the Ministry of National Education, and the Foundation for Development and the...
by Shannon Schmidt


UNESCO Report Highlights Global Education Crisis

UNESCO released the report Teaching and Learning: Achieving Quality for All evaluating the progress being made towards the 2015 Education for All goals. The world will fall short of the goal to provide universal primary educati...
by Amanda Lubit


Free Education Program in Somalia Halted Amid Teacher Strikes

This past September, Somalia launched its Go 2 School Initiative, designed to provide a free education to  one million children in Somalia, where only four out of every ten children currently attend school and, of those attend...
by Shannon Schmidt



Does Your Math Teaching Have SMARTS?

Teaching is never easy but it can definitely be fun! When you’re having fun in the classroom, kids will have fun too and learn something in the process! So ditch your worksheets and give your math teaching SMARTS! SMARTS ...
by Shannon Schmidt


Students in South Sudan to Take Exams in Refugee Camps

The civil war in South Sudan has displaced over 400,000 people in just over a month since the conflict began last December. Refugees displaced within the country have limited access to food, water, and education. The U.N. has t...
by Alex Leedom


Tunisia Partners with WFP to Provide Free School Meals

 With the new Tunisian government having recently affirmed the right to a free, public education in their draft constitution, officials are now turning to the logistics of running that school system. Among the issues is a new ...
by Alex Leedom



Report Shows Africa Becoming a Better Place for Children

According to a new report released by the African Child Policy Forum, Africa has become a better place for children over the last five years. The ACPF’s 2013 African Report on Child Wellbeing shows a large reduction in the in...
by Carla Drumhiller


Can Project Phoenix Help Libya’s Children?

Project Phoenix promises to develop mobile classrooms in Libya as part of an initiative to provide educational resources to children throughout the country. Launched by American IT professional Tommy Jordan and Northumbria Uni...
by Amanda Lubit


Nigeria Promises Free Education to All

Niger State governor Dr Babangida Aliyu stated that Nigeria’s wealth of human and natural resources can afford free primary and secondary education with enough to subsidize tertiary education. The promise was made durin...
by Rachel Pozivenec