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Kenyan School Pilots Mobile Technology in the Classroom

The newly developed Power of M-Learning Project aims to improve academic performance in Kenyan primary schools by using 3G enabled tablets to deliver the newly digitized Kenyan curriculum. The project is currently being piloted...
by Shannon Schmidt


Bangladesh’s Political Turmoil Takes a Toll on Test Scores

“Hartals,” or strikes, have been a common feature of Bangladesh’s political scene since its birth. Hartals often involve violence in the form of damaging private property such as cars, trains, or buses, and therefore resu...
by Nashrah Ahmed


In Pakistan, a Hero Gives His Life for His Classmates’ Right to Education

On January 6th, a student named Aitzaz Hasan, 15, prevented a suicide bomber from attacking his school, saving the lives of nearly 2,000 of his fellow students. It is reported that the suicide bomber was aged 20 to 25, and app...
by Nashrah Ahmed



Dominican Republic Invests in Climate Education

Many teachers in the Dominican Republic  are taking the initiative to enroll in courses in climate change, all in an effort to educate their students. The Dominican Council on Climate Change has launched privately funded clima...
by Aanchal Narang


Can Project Phoenix Help Libya’s Children?

Project Phoenix promises to develop mobile classrooms in Libya as part of an initiative to provide educational resources to children throughout the country. Launched by American IT professional Tommy Jordan and Northumbria Uni...
by Amanda Lubit


Mexico’s Teachers Protest Education Overhaul

Mexico’s teachers are protesting a federal proposal to overhaul Mexico’s education system. Their protests are causing chaos in Mexico City and are forcing the state and federal governments to reconsider the bill. Mexican Pr...
by Aanchal Narang



Bridging the Gap Between Indigenous Education and Western Science in Bolivia

In Bolivia, a country which has one of the biggest maternal mortality rates at 190 deaths per 100,000 births, healthcare workers are making strides to bring cultural practices into the delivery room to give a more comfortable e...
by Jana Melpolder


Floods Shut Down Schools Across Kenya

Schools in several regions across Kenya have been closed due to heavy rains and flooding. Many schools are inaccessible, owing to washed out roads, and others have been completely destroyed. Seasonal heavy rains beginning in Ap...
by Carla Drumhiller


North Korean Schools Exempt from Japan’s Tuition-Free Program

The Japanese ministry will revise an ordinance to exclude North Korean schools from a tuition-free program. As a result, the 10 schools that applied for the program will lose their eligibility. According to Education Minister S...
by Alice Formwalt