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World Bank Loans Morocco $100 Million for Education Development Funding

Morocco has made strides in ensuring the quality and coverage of their educational system in recent decades. The World Bank reports encouraging statistics: a rise in primary school enrollment from 52.4 per cent to 98.2 per cent...
by Alex Leedom


Ghana Promotes Science Education

In an effort to ensure that students receive a well-rounded education and can better compete on the world stage, the government of Ghana has begun new initiatives to promote science education in the classroom. Among the new pro...
by Carla Drumhiller


Literacy for Anywhere

We’ve got a new program in the works! A full, professionally developed, series of leveled readers for primary students that can be downloaded, translated, and printed, for free! Check out our video above, and donate to, l...
by Michael Jones



Indonesia’s New Education Curriculum Experiment Set to Begin in July 2013

Amidst heavy criticism, Indonesia’s Education and Culture Minister Mohammad Nuh is ready to implement a new curriculum in July, despite the fact that less than ten percent of schools are ready to implement it. In an effort to...
by Melody Chiang


10 Tips to Engage Your Students with Science – Tip 5: Teach Them What They Want to Know.

Children are inquisitive by nature. They are constantly trying to make sense of the world around them and are eager to understand how natural processes occur. Science teachers should make use of that inquisitiveness in order to...
by Catarina Loureiro


Thai Students Receive 24 Points of Compensation

Mathayom 6 (Grade 12) Thai students who recently took the Ordinary National Education Tests (Onet) will receive 24 extra points on the science exam as a result of administrative test errors. Two different versions of the exams ...
by Alice Formwalt



Tanzania: Prestigious All-Girls Secondary School Excels in Necta Exams

A shining example of the potential Africa holds for high quality education can be found at the ‘Precious Blood Girls Secondary’ School in the Arusha Region, Tanzania. The school achieved astounding results when ranked again...
by Ashleigh Brown


Bulgarian President Emphasizes Need for Scientific Innovation

“Education and innovation are the recipe of Bulgaria’s future success.” This is the new mantra championed by Bulgaria’s President, Rosen Plevneliev, in a meeting with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia yesterday...
by Ashleigh Brown


West London School Provides Extra Tuition for Political Refugees

On the outskirts of West London a small group of dedicated practitioners have created a multi-storey educational complex tailored towards helping political refugees. Owl Education, situated in Southall, was founded in 1987 du...
by Ashleigh Brown