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Teachers Strike Delays Start of School Year in Argentina

In response to recent inflation, teachers unions in Argentina demanded a pay increase of approximately 35% for their members. Without an agreement between unions and the government, teachers went on strike on March 5th, postpon...
by Amanda Lubit


Government Rehabilitation Program Helps Colombian Child Soldiers Heal

For nearly five decades, Colombians have endured violent conflict  between the government, left-wing guerrilla groups and right-wing paramilitaries. As of 2012, more than 14,000 children were actively involved in this conflict...
by Amanda Lubit


Founder of Colombian Education Program Wins WISE Prize

The 2013 WISE Prize was given to Vicky Colbert in recognition of her work to educate underprivileged children in poor rural areas of Colombia. Using a hands-on approach to learning, the Escuela Nueva educational model has led t...
by Amanda Lubit



Teacher’s Day Protests Crowd Brazilian Streets

Thousands of Brazilian citizens marched the streets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio, demanding respect for teachers’s rights, free university education and improved conditions in state run schools. The demonstration was a...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Benefits of Spanish-English Bilingual Education for Children

In lieu of the United States’s Hispanic Heritage Month and the cutback of many dual-language programs in Florida, California, and Texas, VOXXI, independent journal for Hispanic America, explored the affects of bilingual e...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Ecuador’s Indigenous Communities Approve Oil Drilling in Exchange for Education Funding

The Ecuadorian Indigenous community, the Waorani, nestled inside the Yasuni National Park in the Amazonian jungle, will allow international oil companies to drill into their land in exchange for government and international fun...
by Rachel Pozivenec



Brazilian Territory Bans All Toy Guns

Brazil’s Federal District will ban all toy and replica guns in an effort to reduce the country’s violent crime and promote a culture of peace. Valeria de Velasco, minister for the protection of victims of violence i...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Peru’s Ombudsman Encourages Bilingual Education for Indigenous Children

Peru’s Ombudsman (“Defensoria del Pueblo”) Eduardo Vega Luna, announced the release of a study assessing Peru’s efforts to provide education for indigenous children in their native tongue. According to report...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Teachers’ Strike in Paraguay Continues In Spite of Ministerial Order

The four week long strike of Paraguayan teachers who have been demanding higher salaries continues despite the official rejection of their demands by the Ministry of Education. Teachers also continue to gather, in spite of an ...
by Nina Thurau