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Accusations of Millions Embezzled through Nepalese School Construction Projects

Nepal has become a leader in innovate education technologies in South Asia, allocating billions to provide its state-run secondary schools with computers and internet access. However, Nepal is also one of the most corrupt state...
by Alex Leedom


Afghan Ministry Says University Enrollments Grow

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education is reporting that more than 60,000 students will attend public universities as the academic year begins. This represents an increase of some 50 per cent over the 40,000 students who ...
by Alex Leedom


Uterine Prolapse Epidemic among Nepalese Women

Without access to necessary reproductive and maternal health services, approximately 1.4 million women in Nepal suffer from uterine prolapse. These women not only suffer physically from this painful and debilitating condition, ...
by Amanda Lubit



Despite Reforms, Education in Myanmar Has a Long Way to Go

In December, the Women’s Forum of Myanmar hosted a panel on education to discuss the progress the country has made—and how far it still has to go. Myanmar’s government, only recently reconstituted following the dissolutio...
by Alex Leedom


Despite Ongoing Education Programs, Illiteracy Still High Among Afghan Recruits

The United States has committed $200 million towards literacy programs for members of the Afghan army. The programs will continue to fund classes sponsored by the US and NATO. Almost 400,000 troops have attended literacy classe...
by Alex Leedom


Afghani Schools to Reopen Despite Political Upheavals

The Afghan Education Minister, Farooq Wardak, confirmed last month that Afghanistan would continue to reopen schools following the withdrawal of overseas forces. 700 schools that had been shut down by attacks across the country...
by Alex Leedom



US and Pakistan Announce Pakistan Reading Project

On Feb. 13, the United States and Pakistan announced a new joint venture, the Pakistan Reading Project, a five-year, $160 million plan to improve the reading skills of 3.2 million children throughout the country. The project ai...
by Alex Leedom


Sex Ed Comes to Pakistani Girls

On the heels of a recent UNESCO initiative to improve access to and quality of girls’ education, a new program run by the Village Shadabad Organisation is bringing sex education to nearly 700 girls in eight schools in rural P...
by Alex Leedom


Grant Extends UMass Work in Afghanistan

A new $23 million grant from USAID  will allow the University of Massachusetts, UMass, to extend and expand its work in Afghanistan. The grant is part of a five-year, $92 million project designed to strengthen higher education...
by Alex Leedom