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Does Your Math Teaching Have SMARTS?

Teaching is never easy but it can definitely be fun! When you’re having fun in the classroom, kids will have fun too and learn something in the process! So ditch your worksheets and give your math teaching SMARTS! SMARTS ...
by Shannon Schmidt


Yemen and UK Sign Education Cooperation Agreement

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, Yemeni Minister of Education Abdul Razzak al-Ashwal and Paul Doubleday, director of the British Council in Yemen and Oman, signed an agreement to further develop teacher skills in Yemen. The agreement wil...
by Alex Leedom


More than Half of Yemeni Teachers Lack Basic Qualifications

Yemen’s Ministry of Education said earlier this month that over half of the country’s teachers lack necessary qualifications. Of an estimated 200,000 teachers, some 120,000 lack a bachelor’s degree. An additional 40,000 t...
by Alex Leedom



Teachers Afraid to Return to School in Northern Mali

As schools in Mali reopened for classes in October, hopes were high for children in the northern region to restart their education. But fears and insecurity from the recent crisis linger, and many teachers say they are too afra...
by Carla Drumhiller


Pakistan’s Supreme Court Orders Investigation of “Ghost Schools”

Pakistan’s Supreme Court responded to the plague of “ghost schools” affecting the country by ordering district judges to survey schools and report on their status. Throughout the country, school buildings rema...
by Amanda Lubit


Innovative Improvements Proposed for India’s Higher Education Institutions

President Pranab Mukherjee called for an “elevated level of urgency” for academics to introduce innovative changes in India’s higher education system. Reflecting on India’s failure of universities to be position...
by Rachel Pozivenec



Teacher’s Day Protests Crowd Brazilian Streets

Thousands of Brazilian citizens marched the streets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio, demanding respect for teachers’s rights, free university education and improved conditions in state run schools. The demonstration was a...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Dominican Republic Invests in Climate Education

Many teachers in the Dominican Republic  are taking the initiative to enroll in courses in climate change, all in an effort to educate their students. The Dominican Council on Climate Change has launched privately funded clima...
by Aanchal Narang


Jamaica’s Education Minister Currently Revising Foreign Language Curriculum

Jamaica’s Education Minister Honourable Reverend Ronald Thwaites is currently working to improve the country’s foreign language curriculum. Thwaites explained that the “new assessments will be based on new attainm...
by Rachel Pozivenec