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EU and UNICEF Begin Health and Education Programs in Darfur

On Monday, Feb. 3, the EU and UNICEF began the implementation of two projects in the Darfur region of Sudan, aimed at improving health and access to education. The health project funds 28 midwifery trainers, 300 technical midwi...
by Alex Leedom


UNICEF Sets up Temporary Classrooms for 20,000 Displaced Students in Central African Republic Capital

On Feb. 4, UNICEF moved to open more than 100 temporary classrooms in the Central African Republic capital of Bangui for 20,000 children displaced by the country’s ongoing conflict. Over 40 of the temporary classrooms are alr...
by Alex Leedom


UNICEF Issues Guidelines on Children’s Rights for Businesses

To assist companies, UNICEF has released a set of tools to facilitate the implementation of responsible business practices that promote the health and welfare of children. UNICEF has called upon companies internationally to do ...
by Amanda Lubit



UNICEF Report Details Effects of Syrian Civil War on Children

The Syrian Civil War has displaced more than two million refugees, putting an immense burden on the infrastructure—educational and otherwise—of many of its neighbors. A new UNICEF report, issued on 13 December, 2013, descri...
by Alex Leedom


Botswana Youth Theater Program Addresses HIV/AIDS

A new joint effort by the government of Botswana and UNICEF, known as Wise Up, is raising awareness of the risks of HIV/AIDS among Botswana’s youth. The program uses theater performances to spread its message, and has a lasti...
by Carla Drumhiller


Girls’ Education in Afghanistan at a Critical Point

Since the overthrow of Taliban rule in 2001, women’s education in Afghanistan has made large, encouraging, and necessary strides. However, with several problems still to be addressed and many changes ahead in 2014, critical m...
by Carla Drumhiller



Conservatives in Kyrgyzstan Want to Ban Sexual Education

Conservative groups in Kyrgystan are leading a movement to promote “family values” and ban sexual education pamphlets that target adolescents. Mavlyan Askarbekov, who represents the nationalist group Erkin El, claim...
by Amanda Lubit


Teachers Afraid to Return to School in Northern Mali

As schools in Mali reopened for classes in October, hopes were high for children in the northern region to restart their education. But fears and insecurity from the recent crisis linger, and many teachers say they are too afra...
by Carla Drumhiller


Bangladesh Schools Struggle To Survive During Flooding

Chronic flooding in Southwestern Bangladesh has forced school closures, creating regular gaps in students’ education. The late October flooding has forced educators to find creative ways to continue teaching students, som...
by Rachel Pozivenec