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Benefits of Spanish-English Bilingual Education for Children

In lieu of the United States’s Hispanic Heritage Month and the cutback of many dual-language programs in Florida, California, and Texas, VOXXI, independent journal for Hispanic America, explored the affects of bilingual e...
by Rachel Pozivenec


Myanmar Partners With U.S. to Rebuild Universities

In what marks the largest U.S. higher education delegation in Myanmar, representatives from nine U.S. universities traveled to the country to develop deeper academic ties and examine potential exchange opportunities. Run by the...
by Alice Formwalt


Open Access to Books for Arabic Science Education

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced, as one of her last acts in office, a new project that may change the way Arabic speaking teachers and students access information. The Open Book Project (OBP) was launche...
by Catarina Loureiro



Share of the Week!

Share of the Week is open content stuff so great and awesome that we can’t keep it to ourselves. Creative Commons Love: Okinawa Soba on
by Alice Formwalt


Taiwan’s Brain Drain

The Taiwanese Ministry of Education arrived in Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley last week to hold its Taiwanese education fair in the United States.  The education fair featured recruiters from Taiwan’s top univers...
by Ying Jia Huang


A Diamond Planet: A Discovery that May Change the Way We See Planets

A recent study conducted by a team of investigators from Yale University in the US and from the Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie in France suggests the existence of a planet in the Milky Way made mostly o...
by Catarina Loureiro


Children play in Cambodian Slum

WISE Awards: Six Innovative Projects in Education

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) awarded six projects from around the world for their innovative and diverse approach to issues challenging global education. Selected from a group of 24 finalists (and 1,600 appl...
by Alice Formwalt


US-Brunei Program to Unite Asean’s Tower of Babel?

School is in session for teacher trainers and government officials. Some 70 representatives from each of the Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries begin a series of 11-week English language courses this mont...
by Alice Formwalt


International Student Identity Card Partnering with MasterCard for a Revamp

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC), the only globally recognized student identification and discount card, is now also an international prepaid debit card, courtesy of MasterCard. Why this card? It provides a safe, ...
by Ling Shu