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Teachbuzz is  the world’s best collection of lesson plans designed with the whole world in mind. Teachbuzz was created with a global perspective, which means that no cost lessons are truly no cost, whether you’re teaching in an African village or a European metropolis.

Designed by teachers, the lessons are searchable based on the criteria most important to them. Find the lessons most suited to your needs, whether economical or pedagogical, quickly and easily.

We are in the business of increasing impact without increasing cost. We help organizations be the best they can be and share their greatness with others, often for free. Let’s work together! We offer trainings, consultancy, and resource development that is designed to improve the work you do without increasing your budget.

Remember, an important part of our work is that everything we help to create is made available under open content licensing. You can read about the licenses available, and the one we recommend, here.

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